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The KALA girl is the one who maintains the bohemian and hippie, but never loses the elegance and modernity that define her.

Introducing KALA

Crafting Unique and Innovative Accessories with Passion and Tradition

In 2020, passionate about design, fashion, and with admiration for manual work and craftsmanship, we decided to create this unique and innovative brand of accessories, special for each of our girls. Our KALA pieces are 100% handmade by artisans who manage to give life and continuity to techniques that have been a tradition for years in their families.

Empowering Latin American Artisans

Crafting Quality and Culture-Inspired Innovations

Our mission is to have products of good quality and consciously elaborated, that show innovative designs and that allow us to evoke stories of our Latin American culture. We want to give continuity to the legacy of our artisans, who manage to work through delicate weaving techniques, the 100% natural fibers, which we make each of our products. We are proud that our brand's products accompany the new international fashion and beauty parameters.